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🧑‍💻BTS: The making of my course

published6 days ago
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Last month, I went on a course writing retreat for myself. I have been wanting to put aside some focus time to write content for my Product Strategy for Designers course, and I thought it would be motivational to get out of my usual office space to do so.

I found a beautiful Airbnb in the forest at Jordan River in Vancouver island, and it turned out to be the perfect spot to facilitate motivation and creativity. The architecture was beautiful, there was gorgeous seating, and the huge bay windows allowed for a ton of sunlight to come through with a beautiful view of the forest around me. It was the distraction-free and peaceful environment I needed.

What made my retreat successful was a combination of the right setting, materials, and setting a schedule ahead of time.

  • Keychron K3 Mechanical Keyboard: A top-notch keyboard I’ve made a video about in the past. I love it and bring it even when I travel!
  • Nexstand: I bring this whenever I travel! I find it helpful to prop my laptop up at the correct eye height and to not hunch over while I work. Get 10% off with code: FEMKE10
  • Creating a schedule: Even though this was a stay-cation, I set clear intentions from the beginning. I knew I needed some direction on when to work, but also when I would need to take a break. I focused on a “work hard, play hard” mindset, and dedicated time to work as well as do yoga, go on a walk, and go offline for candle-making
  • Chill-hop beats: the perfect ambient background music that doesn’t distract me while I write.
  • Pomodoro timer: Using the pomodoro method I worked in 25 minute blocks with 5 minute breaks every hour. It kept me hyperfocused and gave my day structure.
  • Pen + paper: I don’t find myself reaching for these tools as often anymore, but it was helpful to jot down thoughts in a free-form way.

Interested in joining my course? Sign up for the waitlist here.

Hopefully these tips help you plan your next working staycation!


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