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What to do when your current job does not value design - and more! ✨

published4 months ago
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Hey Reader,

Q: Do I continue to leave my job including future ones until I have found a company that is design mature and values design?

A great question from one of our community members, and one I relate to given I recently left a job due to a lack of design maturity (watch my video on this topic here).

As the design industry is maturing, our standards for how design operates and is treated in the company are increasing, and rightly so, it’s about time. Companies have had years to evolve and fine-tune their design discipline. It’s not rocket science – there is no shortage of resources, training, mentors, and more to help turn an ineffective design organization into a thriving one.

So why are many companies still behind?

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Jeff Jean-Baptiste
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November 19th 2022

The importance of this tweet by Jeff is that he’s not saying a design org needs to be mature for you to be successful, but that it needs to be at a maturity level right for you. That means it could be anywhere on the scale from immature to mature.

Opportunity exists in the immature (for example, a startup). You may have more room to introduce a design system or implement a new process. Meanwhile, opportunities in a mature company differ. You’re more likely to find yourself in an autonomous role where you can have more impact, but potentially less opportunity to lead new initiatives.

Both of these organizations provide their own opportunities to those who seek them.

Before you make any big decisions, reflect and ask yourself “What does success look like to me? What do I need in order to be successful?” The answer may be different than what you expected!

- Femke

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November 21st 2022

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